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Regatta sailing in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and particularly in the city of Stralsund is gaining increasing media interest and enthuses more and more spectators as well as sailors. The Wednesday regatta series in Stralsund, which regularly provides for a special event on the Strelasund during sailing season, is an outstanding example thereof. In order to allow for an ideal view for all spectators, the races take place just off the north mole of Stralsund’s city marina. Being only in it’s second year, the Wednesday regatta series with an average of 40 participating and more than 100 registered yachts has already become the biggest weekly aquatics event in Northern Germany.

The image of yachting is strongly influenced by the pioneers of professional regatta sailing, such as the Volvo Ocean Race and the America’s Cup, to name just a few. By sponsoring a yacht, this positive image is projected onto your own company. Successful yachts are often mentioned in the media and thus known to a big audience. Having gained some victories and front positions, “mir doch egal” has established a good reputation in the local yachting scene.

In order for us to remain competitive and keep participating successfully in major races of the Baltic Sea region, we too have to invest in new equipment. The best advertising spaces on a yacht are obviously the sails as they are visible from afar.

What we offer you is the chance to acquire advertising space on our new sails and project the positive image of yachting in combination with the success of “mir doch egal” onto your own business from the upcoming season on. We guarantee regular participation in major competitions in the Baltic Sea region. You are invited to choose an advertising space from our sail sketch (pdf).
If you got interested, please contact our crew member Oliver Schulz (phone: 0049-174-2515153) or send us an email.

Wishing you a prosperous year 2008,

“mir doch egal” crew